2015-2018 Ford 6.7 Powerstroke


Amplify the driving experience in your 2015–2018 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke with the Fleece FPE-PS–FMW-63-1518 Cheetah Turbocharger. Designed as a drop-in replacement, this turbocharger features a Fleece Performance exclusive 63mm FMW compressor wheel and a high flow turbine wheel allowing you to enjoy the spool-up and throttle response of a small turbo while still getting the big top end power you're looking for. Rated at 650HP this is the ultimate combination for dual purpose applications. Whether it's towing, racing, sled pulling, or just driving to work, the Cheetah will get the job done.


Stock Appearing:

100% Stock Appearing. This turbocharger uses the stock housings with updated internals. This allows you to keep all factory systems in intact yet allow you to safely run 40-45 PSI a boost.


Proven Technology:

These turbochargers use exclusive FMW compressor wheel technology allowing quick throttle response and big top end power.



Drop-In Replacement

Lower EGTs

2.5” “Work Stock” Legal

Faster Spooling

Fleece Performance Exclusive FMW Compressor Wheel Technology

Max Rear Wheel HP rating: 650HP

40-45 PSI Operating Range


Note: Aftermarket off road tuning and aftermarket off road free-flowing exhaust are required.


Not available for sale in the state of California

Fleece Cheetah Turbocharger

  • FPE-PS-FMW-63-1518